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I just joined recently and I can feel the difference already. I have learned a lot and feel stronger and excited to see what is to come. The coach is very motivating and pushes you to be the best you can be. I highly recommend anyone interested in Muay Thai to join.

Marwa Itani

Praetorians Muay Thai is a great club to learn Muay Thai, Thai-style boxing, in a safe and controlled environment.Im glad that I joined the club who is absolutely reasonably priced , centrally located and well-organised: every training follows a structure. Every training ends with a cool down and more stretching - the trainer makes not sure you keep pushing but also that you won't get injured.

Jessica Gerken

Over 2 years member in training,... Best Coach, Best training, Best students and friends, and Best results for fitness, stamina, self-defense and "fun", anyone can acquire. Keep up the good work Kru Jad and everyone.

Khalil Kazma

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Tuesday -Muay Thai
7:30- 9:30
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Thursday -Muay Thai
7:30- 9:30

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