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Yoga is well known in it's ability to transform and strengthen the mind and body. Our below programs are open to all levels from beginners to more experienced practitioners.

If you are into MMA or BJJ you will find yoga is very helpful in strengthening your core and foundation, opening up your hips, shoulders,and hamstrings, and increasing your range of motion.

Morning Yoga

Start your day with an energising Power Yoga class, designed to build strength, tone muscles,increase flexibility and balance.This active practice will take you through dynamic sequences and postures, and will end with calming stretches and a final relaxation,allowing you to leave refreshed and balanced.

Evening Yoga

Unwind from your daily stress, release any tension in the body, and slow down with our evening Slow Flow. The gentle yet challenging nature of the class encourages mindful movement and deep breathing while holding postures for longer periods. Aimed at buidling muscle strength, and promoting greater flexibility and mobility, you will leave feeling more grounded, calm, and connected to your mind and body.

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